ProShop is offered in two ways to meet the different needs of clients. It can be purchased outright, or used with a subscription. Both options are hosted on-premise offering the most secure connection. Although installed on-premise, ProShop is 100% web-based and only requires a web browser from any device.

Pricing Options

Purchase :

With this option, ProShop is purchased outright and owned forever by the customer. Support and upgrades are included in the first year of ownership. In subsequent years, annual maintenance is paid for support and software updates. The total purchase price is based on the number of users and the type of each user. ProShop is offered in one of four tiers, Data Collection, A, B or C. Each tier offers the functionality needed for different types of employees.

While ProShop has very comprehensive job costing and other financial functions, it is used in conjunction with your existing accounting package for some necessary functions such as financial reports, payroll, etc. ProShop includes quality software, ERP, MES, CMMS, CRM, etc. As such, most clients find they have no need for other software systems to run their company.

Subscription :

With this option, clients pay to use ProShop with no large up front purchase costs. Rather each seat is provided for use with a monthly subscription cost. The minimum contract term is 12 months. Subscription fees include support, maintenance, and updates. Clients always have the latest version of ProShop. After the contract expires, clients can renew or cancel at their option.

Unlike other “Shop” software on the market, ProShop does not require any other add-ons to be fully functional such as quality software, reporting software etc.  It is all built-in for one price. As with the purchase option, ProShop is used with your existing accounting package, but requires no additional add-ons. So no additional ongoing costs need to be calculated.